Car body transport

Transportation and repatriation of the deceased
Call +49(0)3676228131 and our team of professionals will advise you on what is the procedure and how the body of the deceased is transported as soon as possible. has number of specialized vehicles equipped with refrigeration equipment and all international sanitary requirements that are on a 24-hour standby to go to any point in Europe to help with corpse transport.
If your close relative has died in a country in Europe, Pikellimi will help you in preparing the documentation and transporting the body (remains) of the deceased to anywhere in your home country (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Presevo Valley). We have a fleet of specialized vehicles for repatriating remains from all parts of Europe at affordable prices. Funeral agency Pikellimi carries corpses with a special transport from the following European countries: Austria – England – Belgium – Germany – Greece – Denmark – Spain – Italy – Macedonia – Norway – Romania – Finland – France – Netherlands – Switzerland – Sweden

We will transport the body to the final destination, without hidden fees and commissions!

Keep in mind that many companies that are not accredited for most countries try to cheat at low prices.
Our teams will take care of everything in the country, as well as all administrative documents.
You just have to tell us. We will take care of everything.
In difficult times, trust the Pikellimi agency. Our experienced specialists will provide you with the support and professionalism you need. Contact us at +49(0)3676228131 and we will do our best to bring your neighbor near his home. Pikellimi Agency sympathizes with you in this tragic moment of life.