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Welcome to the official website of the company Gossip! – the carriage of the corpses

Bartja / Transport i kufomave

We are equipped to provide service of body/corps transport from all European areas to the homeland (from and to all Albanian inhabited areas) we arrange and do funeral and re-burial service. Swift service, just make a phone call and we’re where you have the need for our service.
We also arrange the necessary documentation for transportation of deceased/corpse/s from the scene to the airport as well as the organization of the flight to the proper destination. Our care continues from the airport transporting the deceased to the family. As needed, we also provide transportation by car to the hometown, as well as, on family’s request, we also organize the religious rituals (engagement of religious staff, care-taking/wash of the body, etc.).
Payments for our services can be done through life insurance or in social cases through the social service (Socialamt).

Keep in mind that many companies are not accredited for most of the countries, and try to cheat at low prices.

Our teams will take care of everything in the country, as well as for all administrative documents.

You just have to tell us. We will take care of everything.

In the tough times, trust to Pikellimi agency. Our experienced specialists will provide you with the needed support and professionalism. Contact us at ‎+49 (0) 3676228131 and we will do our best to bring your dear one near his home. Our company Pikellimi sympathizes with you in this tragic moment of life.

Erkunde Pikellimi GmbH

Preparing the documentation

Transport with airplane

Car body transport