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In the tough moments when a dear person has left this world, particularly when it happens in a foreign country, corpse transport formalities and burial ceremonies are the last thing we think. But existing legal regulations of a foreign country need to be implemented. Surely none of us are ready for that moment.

Therefore, we at Pikellimi.gmbh are at your service to facilitate and make detailed arrangements in the event of the death of a relative (transport service and organizing the funeral ceremony).

A death at home

If the death of the deceased has occurred in the home, you should contact the personal doctor of the deceased. The doctor will need to give you a ” Death Certificate/Notice” document that will serve you at the later stages of the process. Then contact Pikellimi.gmbh agency for help about transport and burial ceremonies.

Death at the hospital

If a relative dies in a hospital, the documents are issued by the treating physician. Then contact the Pikellimi.gmbh agency for help about transport and burial ceremonies.

What documents are needed to carry out the funeral?

For burial in a new funeral home you need:

Identity card of the deceased (passport)

Death Notice issued by an Authorized Physician

Transport of the deceased at home and abroad?

Required when transporting a deceased person:

Death Notice in the Original.

If it is from abroad an personal document.

Permit to transport the deceased with the correct track.